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On February 16 and 17, 2018, the Association for the Protection of Diabetics of Portugal (APDP) organizes the meeting "The Heart of Diabetes", in SUD Lisboa (Avenida Brasilia, Pavilhão Poente, 1300-598 Lisbon). The initiative is sponsored by the Portuguese Society of Cardiology (SPC) and the Portuguese Society of Diabetology (SPD).

"This meeting aims to create bridges between the knowledges of diabetology and cardiology, two specialties that currently have to work, increasingly, side by side," says João Filipe Raposo, clinical director of the APDP.

 The meeting will count on the presence of renowned specialists in Diabetology and Cardiology. On the first day, we will cover topics such as "CARDIODIABETOLOGIA" and "RISCO CV" and on the second day we will be discussing "WHAT OTHER DATA COMPLICATIONS DO", "CORONARY DISEASE" and "HEART FAILURE".

 João Morais, chairman of SPC and Luís Pisco, president of the Regional Health Administration of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (ARSLVT), João Filipe Raposo, clinical director of the APDP, and the closing will be done by Pedro Matos, APDP cardiologist, José Manuel Boavida, president of the APDP and Victor Gil of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology.

 "Diabetes is one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease." According to the latest National Diabetes Observer report for 2015, 30% of the population suffering from a stroke or stroke has diabetes. to fight against diabetes and cardiovascular risks, going beyond partial views in order to benefit people with diabetes, "concludes Pedro Matos, APDP cardiologist.

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SUD Lisbon
Avenida Brasilia, Pavilhão Poente 1300-598 Lisboa Portugal

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